Sunday, 2 December 2012

Grammar explanation: The present perfect

1. For actions totally finished in the past we use PAST SIMPLE.
2. For experiences and actions which still have an effect or influence in the present,

     PRESENT PERFECT + ever / yet / already / just
A. Have you ever been to London?          Yes, I have.
                                                                Yes, I went to London last year.
B. Have you finished yet?  
    No, I haven't finished yet.
    Yes, I have already  finished.

C. I've just finished.

  • Ever ( Middle position in questions) (alguna vez)
  • Yet (Final position in questions and negative) (ya, aún, todavía)
  • Already (Middle position in affirmative) (ya)
  • Just (Middle position in affirmative) (acabo de ...)