Monday, 7 January 2013

Basic Listening activities

Listening activities on Lauri's website

Here you can find some simple listening activities to help you understand English better.

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Expressions: Shopping at a department store

-          Can I help you?
-          No, thanks, I’m just looking
-          Yes, please, I’m looking for a white sweater.
-          Yes, please. Have you got / Are there      any black ties?
-          Do you have any more?
-          I’ll go and check.
-          I’m sorry, we’ve run out of black ties.
-          We can order one for you/ Shall I order one for you?
-          It’ll come tomorrow.
-          It’ll only take a few minutes.
-          What size are you?
-          Can I try it on/them on?
-          Would you like to try it on? / them on?
-          Excuse me, where are the fitting rooms/changing rooms?
-          Did it fit you?
-          Here you are (the sweater/ your change)
-          How much is it/ are they?
-          How much is it altogether?
-          How would you like to pay?
-          Can I pay by credit card/visa)?
-          I’d like to pay in cash.
-          Sorry, you’ve made a mistake in the change/ you gave me the wrong change.
-          Would you like to exchange it?
-          Could I have a refund?
-          I’d like to make a complaint.

Friday, 4 January 2013

Video links to compare London and other cities

Click on these links to see the videos of some cities in the world. Then you can compare three cities of your choice. Bon voyage!!!





New York: