Sunday, 2 September 2012

List of Topics for Level 2

LEVEL 2:      NEF Pre-Interm TOPICS             WRITING                         ORAL*     
1.    Family. (Pres.S, Pres. Cont, Relative pron.)
a.    Introducing each other
b.    Family matters*                                  - Correct e-mail                     
c.    Describing pictures*                                                              
d.    Definitions of words
e.    At the airport.                                                                  - Pwk dialogue
2.    Holidays.  (Past S., Past Cont.,connectors)                                                                                 
a.    Describing places*                                                                 
b.    Describing events
c.    Pop music.
d.    Telling stories*                                   - Hand in pwk photo (U.2+4)
e.    At the hotel.                                                                      - Pwk dialogue
3.    Stories. (Pres. Cont., Going to, Will)
a.    Plans*              
b.    Predictions
c.    Promises, offers, decisions               - Hand in gwk infml letter
d.    Dreams.                                                       
e.    Restaurant problems.                                                        - Pwk dialogue
4.    Everyday life.  (Pres. Perf. + ever, just, yet, already; Comparatives + Superlatives)
a.    Clothes*
b.    Family conflicts.
c.    Living faster.
d.    Describing cities*                              - Pwk Comparisons
e.    Giving directions.                                                                - Pwk dialogue
5.    Feeling good.  (Verbs + to / -ing, have to, must, prep of movement)
a.    Parties.                                              
b.    Likes*
c.    Learning.                                           - Hand in pwk fml e-mail
d.    Sports*             
e.    At a department store.                                                        - Pwk dialogue
6.    Taking decisions.  (If + will, if + past, should, may, might)
a.    Murphy’s law.
b.    Surviving.
c.    Decisions*                                                                             
d.    Advice*                                            - Hand in gwk opinion essay (U. 8)
e.    At the pharmacy.                                                                  - Pwk dialogue
7.    Fears, inventions.  (Present perf + for, since, used to, passive)
a.    Fears
b.    Biographies                                                                          
c.    Inventions.
d.    Trips. Describing a building.                                                                                                                       
8.    Your body.  (Something, quantifiers, so/neither + aux.)
a.    On the phone.                                                                      
b.    Giving your opinion.                          - Hand in gwk opinion essay 
Sept-Oct:       unit 1                                      Oct:             unit 2 
Nov-Dec:        units 3-4                                  Jan:             unit 4
Feb:               units 5 - 6                               March:          units 6 - 7
April:              unit 8                                      May:            unit 9