Friday, 4 April 2014

Review of Present Perfect

1.       Experience (in life)
2.       Unfinished actions (Actions started in the past and haven’t finished)

Have you ever ridden a motorbike?  Yes, I’ve ridden a motorbike several times/ Yes, I have.
Have you ever been to Moscow? No, I haven’t  been to Moscow/ No, I haven’t.

UNFINISHED ACTIONS: (For –a period of time-// Since -a point in time-) 
How long have you studied English? For nearly 2 years / Since 2006 / Since I was a child.
How long have you lived here? For 40 years / Since 1974 / All my life / Since I was 10.
How long have you worked as a waiter? For 8 years / For a long time/ Forever. 
How long have you worked in your present job? / How long have you been unemployed?

-            Llevo trabajando/trabajo desde los 14.
-         I have worked since I was 14.
-         Tengo mi coche desde el año pasado.
-         I have had my car since last year.
-         Busco trabajo desde hace 2 meses.
-         Aún No he encontrado trabajo de camarero.
-         I have looked for a job for 2 months. /I       haven’t found a job as  a waiter yet.
-         Conozco a mi mejor amiga de/desde siempre.
-         I have known my best friend for ever.
-         Salimos desde hace dos años.
-         Llevamos saliendo dos años.
-         Estuvimos saliendo un año.
-         Salimos un año.
-         We've gone out for 2 years.
-         We have been going out for 2 y.
-         We were going out for 1 year.
-         We went out for 1 year.
-         ¿Ya terminaste la tarea?  
-         ¿A qué hora terminaste la tarea ayer?
-         Have you finished your homework yet? //     What time did you finish yesterday?
-         ¿Alguna vez has hecho algo raro?
-         Have you ever done something strange?
-         Acabo de sacarme una foto (de mí mismo)
-         I've just taken a photo of myself.
-         ¿Desde cuándo trabajas en este colegio?
-         How long have you worked at this school?

-         ¿Qué hiciste ayer?
-         What did you do yesterday?
-         ¿A dónde viajaste el verano pasado?
-         Where did you travel last summer?
-         ¿Cuándo conociste a tu pareja?
-         Nos conocimos hace 1 año.
-         When did you meet your partner?
-         We first met a year ago.